Enjoy our green camping to the fullest?

Wait till you see our park next year? Why? As we expand our park with an extra piece of recreation. Lots of greenery around our park!

The start has been made
In late October, the field development started on our park! Opposite to the camping field a piece of landscape is developed into a recreation area.

Additional greenery at our park
Our green site in Winterswijk is going to be expanded, so there will be more to enjoy on our park! Imagine, after your breakfast at your caravan, you can walk right into the scenery, good to stretch the legs, walk the dog or a good starting point for a run around the park!
Our park is committed to provide you with as pleasant as possible. We find it important that you as a guest, you can enjoy the surroundings. How nice it is to walk in nature right from your campsite?

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