We wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2017 -Team Het Winkel

At the end of the month December, it is time to have a flashback at last year, and a fast forward tot he next year of 2017!

Looking back at all holidays in in 2016
We thank all of our guests for visiting us last year! We renewed our swimming pool, we started field development at our park and we had a great year! We also like to take a look at what is in front of us!
Christmas holidays give you some extra time to spend thinking about all holidays that are coming in 2017. Do you already know what your plans are?

We like to take a look at all holidays coming in 2017
2017 is going tob e a year with many good offers to start the year with. Curious at what we offer you? Take a look at our offers for, eater, may and summer. Every offer is already online!

Check out our deals for a holiday rental home in 2017! Prefer camping? All offers for 2017 are online to! 

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