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Campingsite Het Winkel, The Netherlands, is surrounded by one of the country’s twenty most beautiful National Landscapes. Seven of these National Landscapes are situated in the province of Gelderland. Campsite Het Winkel is situated eastern of this province. One of these National Landscapes is around Winterswijk. It is a unique and beautiful environment, the perfect location to unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet of unspoilt nature. Immediately outside the park you can join one of the many walking and cycling paths that traverse the National Landscape.

Het Winkel is situated in the Achterhoek, the most easterly area of the province of Gelderland, The Netherlands. The border with Germany lies in the east of the Achterhoek. At many beautiful spots along the border, ‘green’ border crossings have been established specially for cyclists and walkers. Come and discover this special environment for yourself!  

National Landscapes

The Netherlands has 20 national landscapes across the country. Seven of these national landscapes are located in the province of Gelderland. One of them is located in Winterswijk. A unique beautiful setting where you can really get to you and experience tranquility in the beautiful nature. From the park you can find a direct link to one of the many hiking and biking trails that are put forth in the National Landscape.


The eastern part of the Achterhoek forms the border with Germany. In many beautiful places to be 'green' border crossings built along the border, especially for cyclists and walkers. Our campsite is situated in the green and is therefore an appropriate starting point for a wonderful day in nature. It is also possible to enjoy the peace of nature to our fishing pond. Hidden in the green, here you can relax by fishing or just read a book in the grass. Discover our and get ready for a new adventure!You can also spot flamingos, just over the border near Winterswijk. You will be amazed at what natural beauty your holiday in The Netherlands has a in store! Discover and enjoy this special area!


There is much to do in the Netherlands, environment Winterswijk. In this eastern part of Holland, there are numerous museums and there are many events organized. There are beautiful towns and villages around Winterswijk but also the weekly market of Winterswijk is worth visiting! Go out and enjoy all the fun of the Achterhoek during your holiday in Gelderland, The Netherlands!

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