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In the area of Winterswijk there is plenty to do. Some highlights we would like to inform for you!

Monument Preserve Brookert

Take a look at the life of the past! Find out more about monument Preserve Brookert. A beautiful farmhouse, built in 1875 which has been preserved in its original state. Even the boiler that was used to boil water is still on the stove! You can find this monument hidden in our campsite, it is located at our park! What a gem. The tea garden is directly adjacent to this and is open at special times.  Walk around the peaceful and quite green environment, where you can see this cultural heritage.

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The Stone Quarry

Quarry in Winterswijk is a real pride of the city. It is an open pit mine which is mainly extracted limestone. The limestone which is extracted, is taken from the Muschelkalk and has been developed as dolomitic limestone. It's a real landmark and nice to see when you want to spent a day with your family.

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Obelink Megastore

Nearby our park, you can find this massive store! Collect all your campinggear here! Just three kilometres from Het Winkel holiday park is the Obelink store.

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